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The founders of Ayllu Community Network are of Aymara Indigenous heritage and are basing their social enterprise on their traditional model of sustainability. “Suma Qamaña” is the Aymara concept of living in wellness interconnected with one another and with nature. The "Ayllu" is the grassroots level of the Indigenous Andean Community system, used both in Quechua and Aymara. Each Ayllu is formed of multiple families that work together in sustainable reciprocity, "Ayni."

Eco-Friendly Sustainability!


We strive to empower people to organize and strengthen their communities, specifically in ways that promote self-sustainability, self-determination, and diversify the means o production.  Connection with land and community will support self-reliance, communal independence and will mitigate the effects of any disaster or catastrophe.  

Modern Architecture
Stewards of the Earth

We believe that it is our responsibility as humans to protect the earth above all else. This world is our gift, not our right. We must learn to be more conscious of our impact on the earth and harmonize our lifestyles with natural ecosystems. Otherwise, we are robbing future generations of the privilege to live here.

Kids in the Garden

 In the event of a disaster, current trade networks or aid efforts may not be able to provide the same services they now do. This would be devastating to a community dependent on outside sources. If a community was already self-reliant, it would be better equipped to adapt quickly and easily, and could also offer support to other communities.  

Diversify Means of Production

It is our belief that monopolized or oligarchical control over the production and distribution of our basic human needs are a large risk to our freedom. We will combat this by spreading the skills needed to produce these ourselves, as well as by promoting small business

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